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SAN Ecosystems is Supported by The Cedric Zwyssig Memorial Trust under the Elephant Footprints Foundation.


They assist with financial support for passionate students who are unable to reach the course costs.


Students can apply for 50% of their course fees to be sponsored by the Trust.


Anyone may apply to the Trust for fees assistance. 


Fees assistance only applies to the 14 Month Correspondence Course.


Funds are paid directly from the Trust to SAN Ecosystems once the student has registered and applied their portion of the fees and have been accepted for funding.


A photograph and motivation letter explaining your passion for SA Conservation will need to accompany request for fees assistance for the the Trusts records and website.


There are no other obligations to the Trust, but to complete the course.


Application for Fees assistance can be made to :

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   addressed to Cedric Zwyssig Memorial Trust.


Elephant Footprints Foundation and Cedric Zwyssig Memorial Trust details can be viewed on