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SAN Ecosystems Launches its 14 Month Correspondence Course

IMG 8535 CopyWe Love Our Natural Ecosystems. We care about whats going on in the Global Environment, and we care about whats going on in our own amazingly diverse and magnificent South African Ecosystems. We care about finding a way to make a difference, however small, to the natural areas we love. 

We are aware that many of you are too...and there are many more out there wondering, with all this doom and gloom on the plight of our natural resources, what can we do?   

Rather than the basic greats (which most of us are committed to already), like recycling and upcylcing and growing our own food... we believe there is a lot more that we can be doing in each our own ecosystems, be that your back garden, a wetland system you love birding in, or part of a bigger project like Eden to Addo.


You don't need to be a greatly qualified academic, nor do you have to be in some powerful government position in order to make a difference.  

An ecosystem can be as small as a fishpond, or as large as the Kruger National Park. In your chosen ecosystem, and at your level, SAN Ecosystems will teach you how to interpret, question, and understand your ecosystem, what is affecting it, and what you can do to ensure it stays vibrant and healthy.


Through our correspondence courses, we educate, on the every-man everyday level, what is going on on a global scale, as well as to see how these are affecting our local ecosystems. We hear buzz words like fracking, nuclear power, fossil fuels depletion, habitat degradation, ocean pollution and many others all the time in the environment arenas, but we don't seem to have a concise summary or platform to get a good understanding of all these without feeling like one needs to have a PhD, or being bombarded by so many versions and diversions of the simple underlying facts and stats. 


SAN Ecosystems has created this platform for you. 

We enjoy one on one training, and also at your time, as we understand work and committments and real life are all on the go at the same time - and time seems to fly by faster than we can think about it. 


So now here is your chance! Hop onto our website to see the Correspondence Courses we have available, and feel free to ask as many questions as you like. You can do the whole 14 month course (the best) or we can guide you onto snippets which you can complete to achieve your desired outcome. 


The best of this, if you need financial assistance, we have the Cedric Zwyssig Memorial Trust aligned with us, who will pay 50% of your course fees, just to ensure that cost is not stopping you to achieve your goals. How amazing is that?


We are eager to help you to help make that difference! Come chat to us. 


Nics and the Team