I was just reading a great little booklet that African Centre for Biodiversity is circulating. Its called:

The Bayer-Monsanto merger: Implications for South Africa's agricultural future and its smallholder farmers.




I mean certainly I have been along side Rushka Johnson, our PE Anti-GMO activist and now Seeds are Fertile fights, and I have been most aware of what is brewing on the horizon of these monstrous endeavours... but this little booklet taught me a whole bunch more!


Did you know that the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger will give control of almost 30% of the world's commercial seed market and 25% of the world's commercial pesticide and herbicide markets to one company, effectively making it the world's largerst supplier of seeds and agrochemicals.


In South Africa the merged company would control more than 30% of the value of the commercial seed and agrochemical markets based on current market share.


If this merger and those of DuPont-Dow and ChemChina-Syngenta are allowed, just three companies will own and sell about 60% of the world's patented seeds and pesticides/herbicides. 


This merger will have significant negative impacts on the seed and pesticide sector, as well as for farmers and food consumers in South Africa!


I really really want to encourage ALL people of ALL walks of life, to PLEASE PLEASE be aware of what is happening with our seed banks!We worry about which car to buy next, or what politician is doing what... lets pay careful attention to what is happening to our precious resources of food and water, which are sadly becoming less of free services from nature, and more commodities for governments and corporations to control.


For information and reference to this booklet see


Thank you to this amazing organisation for putting this information out there!